There is only one word to describe PAUL HEKIMIAN. Positive. The man eats, sleeps, walks and talks it, and regardless of the environment, circumstance or target of his attention -he simply radiates it. His electric energy is contagious if not infectious! Driven by this grand concept of "being positive", Paul has defined his life's work around it and has sparked a movement that is igniting audiences.

“My mission is to share the message that Paulsitive is a way of being.  I am dedicated to having a positive self-image that inspires those around me to become positive. ” - Paul

The Visionary

Paul Hekimian is an  up-and-coming thought leader for  today’s generations of tech-crazed, stressed-out individuals striving for more fulfilling lives.  He’s one of those folks whose mind runs a mile a minute, generating wonderfully creative and extraordinary ideas that could enhance countless lives or perhaps even help improve the world.  But that's just the beginning…and usually where others' grand ideas stop. Not for Paul Hekimian. His conceptual driving force for change generates energy to fruitfully sustain and accelerate these ideas to ultimately attract like-minded supporters from all walks of life.

The Entrepreneur and Athlete

Paul Hekimian does not follow the path of least resistance. Inspired by a lineage of entrepreneurialism, he inherited an unyielding “survival of the fittest” mentality which has supported him through the dog-eat-dog world of business ownership, corporate sales and the launching of community-building organizations. He has excelled in marketing and sales leadership roles for well over 20 years and tested his ability to start something, literally from scratch, by founding his very own specialty cheesecake company. While his proven track record in the boardroom commands attention and respect, Paul further calls upon the influence of his industrialist family, pairing his diverse business expertise with a devout appreciation for collective peak performance and community through athletics. In 2000, Paul founded the LA Tri Club which provides a network of information, services, training and racing activities and friendship for its, now, 1600 members. He also helped create the C-Different Foundation, a non-profit which links the world of athletics, and its life-changing gifts, to the visually-impaired.

As an entrepreneur and athlete, he has created an inspiring story by overcoming tremendous challenges met along the journey of unchartered territory. And through intense reflection of this rich history Paul has pulled two undeniable truths: Attitude is everything and never take no for an answer. From ridicule and rejection to financial duress, this courageous risk taker, has survived these failures to embrace superlative success. His unyielding positive outlook stems from pure acceptance of the choices he makes and the anticipation of more fabulous celebration.

The Community Connector

Paul has abided by and unabashedly endorsed the Law of Attraction, which declares “you get what you give.”  Using his industry savvy and street-smarts to craft a prosperous career path, this vivacious triathlete has surrounded himself with a close-knit, loving family and a loyal entourage of friends, business associates and community members.  Through his meticulous studying of thought leaders like Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Earl Nightingale, Paul has found that his connection to his own inner strength is further capitalized on in all of his relationships. Since 1986, Paul has absorbed Maltz’s personal development wisdom, seeing the benefits of its application in the health and balance of his body, mind, family, career and place in society.   So, Paul has tirelessly chosen to lead and connect anyone who seeks to create his own way of positive living and grow progressively, and eventually spread the teachings further.

The Humanitarian

Having assessed his journey, Paul accepts that he might just be  a thought leader here to create truly great change in society!  Through the roles he’s collectively filled, he has attained the ultimate level of practicing what he’s preached his entire life: positive thinking begets positive actions and outcomes. His calling to inspire and teach others this way of life was, and still is, challenged by society’s need for ideas to be tangible. He is determined to help folks overcome the pessimistic belief that this lovely idea of “being positive” is miles out of one’s reach.

Paul is on a mission and determined to tap all his resources to drive the vision, triumph through challenges, and share the magical gift of what he has coined "The Paulsitive Movement" that he hopes will enhance countless lives throughout the world. What makes him extraordinary is his passionate commitment to making a difference to humanity by sharing his inspirational philosophy so others may also discover their inherent brilliance and live life to its fullest. And what makes him exceptional, is that he has a special focus on our future generations as well. Paul is a crusader for a society of positive thinkers, both young and old.

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